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Bread crumbs and Coatings Traditional Range

Bread crumbs with different granulometries, specific weights and coatings with different natural colors and (clean label) custom tag so that our customers find the batter they want for their breaded product (covering varieties of substrates: Meat, chicken, fish, cheese and vegetables) or the product that best suits your equipment or production systems.

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Bread crumb Special Range

We produce special products for specific needs, from crunchy breaded to long-lasting refrigerated products in perfect condition, going through those special cooking requirements. We can serve the product mixed with other ingredients.

Bread crumb Ranges for Incorporation

Functional, developed as an ingredient in food masses and adapted to each need: Agglutination, moisture absorption, etc., providing density, texture and consistency.


The bread crumbs with your brand.

The breadcrumbs with your brand and adapted to your needs or those of your customers.
We could be your PARTNER, we conduct study and propose.

  • All our products are available in industrial bags, hotels, restaurants and catering bags.
  • We have Halal and Kosher certifications in most of our products and issued by accredited organizations.